Association for developing the recycling of PVC in the Automotive Industry
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Board of Management *
  • Chairman:
    René Maillot (KemOne)
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Patrice Guesnet (Arkema)
  • Treasurer:
    Patrice Guesnet (KemOne)
  • Technical Manager:
    Alain Rémy (Solvin)

Mission and Policy of Autovinyle

  • To participate in setting up networks to recycle and re-use recycled products coming from plasticized PVC used in automotive applications. Moreover, these networks must be properly managed in both economical and ecological ways.
  • To set up reliable partnerships with recycling companies in order to find out the best practices. AUTOVINYLE and its partners will provide complementary know-how and means to achieve the challenge.
  • To publicize the fact that the automotive PVC is recyclable and recycled.


Contribution of Autovinyle

  • In depth knowledge of plasticized PVC production and conversion .
  • Back up of research into new recycling processes, and into the applications of recycled PVC.
  • Assistance with information and communication on responsible care of PVC waste.
  • Energization of recycling processes.
  • Meeting and exchange forum for companies sharing the same policy towards recycling.
Autovinyle's policy is defined by the Board of Management* and implemented by a Technical Committee, with the representatives of the members.